Heading Sharq*

*Sharq means East in Arabic

Camera: Holga CFN 120

Film: Kodak Portra 400vc 120

Where: Soug Sharg, Kuwait.

  1. I really really liked your photos
    Your angle, your zoom, and your flash color are great
    Nice work girl 😉

  2. Hope said:

    Wow .. really amazing MaShallah
    totally liked the 1st & the 3rd ones
    if I may ask, r these photos edited ? did u use a texture or sth ?

    Keep it up =]

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked them 🙂
      Other than converting the last two pictures to B&W “because obviously I used a color film :P!” I did some minor exposure adjustments through the Curve tool, because the exposure tends to go off a bit when scanning the film negatives so you end up getting less accurate scan of the original. However, I did not add any textures nor do extreme color enhancement or any of that stuff because I do consider extreme digital post-processing as photo-manipulation.
      Everything you see is all from my plastic camera and the expired film I’ve used 😀
      Now of course I understand some photographers can achieve the same “Lomo” effect through Photoshop but it’s never as good and genuine as the real deal 🙂 Hope I’ve answered all of your questions and once again, thanks for stopping by. 😀

  3. Hope said:

    girl, u’re really Good at this
    No major adjustments w/ photoShop .. MaShallah 3laich

    • Thanks! Btw I’ve seen your designs on Picasa, mashalla 3ajebeen! Specially ele 3ala iltennis players. I’m an avid tennis fan too 😀

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