Experiment 02: Salty Texture

If you like me, love to experiment with film and explore new techniques, Tipster is the place for you. A collection of great articles about film experiments and camera modifications posted almost on a daily basis by the Lomo community.

While looking through the Tipster archive, I stumbled upon this great article. A simple experiment that requires salt, water, developed piece of negative and little bit of patience :). So I thought I’d give it a try and see if it works. Of course all the credits goes to Mandi for sharing this wonderful technique with us over at Lomography.com.

Now let’s get things rolling! Prepare your negative strip. I suggest you do this one frame at a time, so cut each frame separately.

Negative Strip

Prepare your mixture. The more salt you add the grainier the texture will get so at this step the amount of salt is up to you.


Let your film soak for an hour or so.


You can always thicken the mixture for a more dramatic result 😀

Thick Mixture

Take it out and leave it to dry. When it’s all dried up scan your negative and prepare to be amazed!

Here’s what my picture looked like before (taken with a Nikon Fm10 & Kodak Gold 200, converted to B&W in PS).

Requiem for a Dream1

And what it looks like now! I love how visible those little salt crystals are.

Requiem for a Dream2

I really like how it turned out and will definitely be try this Salt n Soak trick on one of my 120s 🙂

Until then, adios!


  1. Matthew Danielson said:

    That’s a pretty amazing effect. I’ve gotta get into analog photography.

  2. lauren said:

    hot or cold water?

    • TGWKE said:

      I don’t think it would really matter, but I used room temperature water.
      If you every tried doing this experiment, I’d love to see the outcome!

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