A Moment of Silence

Irving Penn

Irving Penn
June 16, 1917 – October 7, 2009


  1. Moos said:

    May his soul rest in peace…

    Same thing happened to me twice, but in both was sad and funny, I don’t mean I dies, no… in 2002 I found out that John Lennon died in 1980… I was really shocked… which explained clothing style in all his photos on the internet… and in 2005, I found out that John Denver is also dead… so yeah… at least you found out now :-p

    • If it wasn’t for Twitter’s trending topics, I wouldn’t have known. 😦
      I didn’t know who John Denver was until recently. I was looking for Leaving on a Jet Plane on Youtube and someone mentioned in the comments that he died on a plane crash or something. Kinda ironic maskeen.
      Ama salfat John Lennon, 3ajeeba. 😛

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