Daytime Hallucinations: Part Two

This time, it’s Airport Edition.

The picture above has received a Daily Deviantion on
. . . . . .

Camera: Holga 120 CFN
Film:Fuji Pro 400H
Technique: Double exposure.
Scanned from negative and converted to B&W in PS.

  1. B.Oz said:

    I’m digging the second picture..

  2. msha3erha said:

    Wait a sec. here!
    Are you saying this is a normal pics???
    Amazing 🙂 It abroves that picture is better than 1000 words 😉
    Teslam yadech really really nice pics.

    • The good ol’ double exposure trick :D! Basically, it’s taking multiple pictures without rewinding the film.
      Thank you so much for stopping by ;* and I’m really glad you liked them.

  3. Callum said:

    The second picture seems different every time, it’s amazing (:
    Bookmarked (:

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