October 17th: World Toy Camera Day

How many toy cameras do you own? and what’s your favorite?

  1. Moos said:

    hmmm, the 2nd row, the red one… I’d love to experiment with double exposure while covering some of those lenses… if I can double expose that is n that camera… unless it’s not a camera… cuz it could be a walkman ;-p

    • Woah, doing double exposure with a Oktomat would be insane! Since it already splits the picture into 8 little frames so you’ll get like, 16 frames in one picture! I imagine you’ll get all sort of crazy results with this little plastic fella 😀 and yes, it does look like a walkman lol.
      I already have a Holga CFN (the one with colorflash) which I highly recommend if you wanna get into Lomography or film photography in general, because it gives you a lot of room to experiment with different techniques and such, and there are plenty of modifications you can do to this camera. Plus, you;ll get all sort of crazy looks when you shoot with a plastic camera. 😀
      If I ever wanted to get another toy camera it would be either a Supersampler or a Seagull TLR.. probably the latter. For now, I’m saving my money up and sticking to the cameras I already have until I get me some decent Rangefiner camera.

  2. msha3erha said:

    I don’t have a toy camera!
    Will you buy me one? ;p

    • Afa 3alaich ma 6alabtay shay, bs ilfilm supply 3alaich 😛 3ad purchasing 120 films and getting them developed cost more than the actual camera. : P

      • msha3erha said:

        Eshda3wa ma estefadt shay ana ;p

  3. DK said:

    awhhhh i saw them yesterday in Urban Outfitters .. 7abet awl w7da on the right !
    bss 3ndii real one shby eb hathee :Pp

    • Hehe they’re real cameras too, don’t let the name fool you. 😀 3ad the one you liked (Diana+) is a perfect starter if you wanna get into Lomography. Give film photography a try, who knows, maybe you’ll like it. I saw your Flickr page, awesome stuff you got there! Sepcially the أربعائيات photo-series.
      Btw, we have the same DSLR camera! (il9ijeya :P)

  4. Dahlia30 said:

    i don’t have atoy camera… 😦

  5. M said:

    Ooo, this is a weird coincidence because I’m thinking about getting one! I have no experience in photography whatsoever, and I’m not really ‘artistic’, I just want one to play around with. I was thinking about either getting the Supersampler, the Diana, or a Fish-eye view camera. Which do you recommend?

    • Hello M!
      Well first, you need to consider which type of film you will be using. Basically there are two types of films you could use, either the 120mm (a.k.a medium format film) or the regular 35mm film. This shouldn’t be a problem since medium format cameras such as Holga & Diana can be modified to take a 35 film, and to me that’s an advantage.
      I haven’t tried the supersampler yet. It looks mighty fun 🙂 But I wouldn’t recommend it a lot since there isn’t much of modifications you can do to it unlike the Diana.
      As for the fish-eye camera, I would suggest getting a fish eye lens instead of the whole camera. This way you can have both a regular and a fish eye camera at the same time. 😉
      Assuming that you live in Kuwait, keep in mind that medium format films aren’t very accessible here. As a matter of a fact, I only found one place that still sells 120s but they only had one kind film & unfortunately it was Fuji pro 160.
      Since you’re new to photography, I would suggest either getting a Diana or a Holga with their 35mm adapter (just in case you wanted to use a regular film) and get your film supply from Lomo film store online.
      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I’d be glad to help a future fellow lomographer 😀

  6. M said:

    I kept coming back here like a creep to check if you replied lol.

    Any way, I actually already ordered a Holga so YAY! I reckon it was a good choice! But I’m definitely getting the 35mm adapter ’cause I’m from Saudi and I’m way too lazy to look for a place that sells 120mm films. Thanks for the tip! 😀

    I have a question that I hope wouldn’t sound too stupid (I can only hope, eh?), If I use a 120 film do I have to develop the pictures at a specific place or do I just take them to any regular photo developer? Also, do I have to ask them (Them being the people working there) for anything specific, or do I just simply hand over the negatives?

    Ooo, one last question! You’ve mentioned something about the kind of film (‘unfortunately’ being a Fuji pro 160), does this mean that I should pick a certain kind? If so, which do you recommend (For both the 120 and 35)?

    Thanks a bunch! & I sincerely apologize for being a spaz.

    • Awesome! Holga is a fantastic camera 😀 I’m sure you’ll love it.
      Now for the film, I would recommend any film with a 400 ISO, or a 200 ISO if you’re planning to shoot in a sunny day. Anything with a lower ISO (i.e Fuji Pro 160) would most likely to give you really dark photos, unless it’s really sunny outside or you’re shooting with a flash, in that case, you don’t have to worry about the low ISO. My favorites to use with a Holga are Kodak Portra 400vc & Fuji Pro 400H. I have tried them both and they give beautiful colors & fantastic results.
      As for developing, I’d suggest you check with your local photo lab to see if they still develop 120s. Unfortunately, most of the labs don’t 😦 but I’m pretty sure you can find plenty of them in KSA since I’ve seen some Saudi photographers who still shoot with 120s. Also, make sure that you ask them if they develop black and white films too. If they don’t and you still wanna shoot in black & white, then I’d suggest you get a C-41 B&W film. Basically, a C41 B&W film is a B&W film that you can develop with the same chemicals used for a color film.
      The whole thing is pretty simple really 😀 When you’re done shooting, just drop your film for developing at your local lab. Ask them to get it printed and scanned (if you want). Personally, I just tell them to get processed & I do the scanning myself. Getting a negative scanner in the future will definitely help. 🙂
      Btw, I forgot to mention that even if you didn’t get a 35mm adapter, you can still make your own at home! Take a look at this super easy DIY adapter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK9iBKoQYik

  7. Xarles said:

    oooo i has a Diana mini 😀 so lovely

  8. Davis Russell said:

    OK, i am bursting with questions because i am planning to get a toy camera, so first of all which camera would be the cheapest and easiest to get developed and to buy film? (being fourteen i cant get a job easily) Also what are the names of those cameras cause i know the holga and i think it is really good but i want to explore before choosing. Finally, u should check out this iPhone app called hipstamatic because there is this Asian camera on there which i would like to find. srry if this was overwhelming

    • TGWKE said:

      Hello Russell!
      First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for the very late reply. Again, I’m terribly sorry!
      Two things you need to consider before getting a film camera:
      1) Which type of photography you would like to practice.
      2)What kind of film would suit you the most.
      You can then choose you camera accordingly.
      Plastic cameras are fairly cheap. You can get them at very reasonable prices on eBay. I would suggest Lomography.com, but their prices are a bit expensive compared to the rest. Anyways, I’d suggest you check with your local photo lab to see the types of film they develop. You wouldn’t want to get a medium format camera (cameras that use 120mm film) until you know for sure you can get your 120s process at your area. Getting them shipped and returned would cost a lot!
      I would suggest getting either a Diana or a Holga, if you are interesting in experimenting with photography. These two cameras will definitely help you find, and develop your own unique style as a photographer, and since they don’t cost an arm and a leg (like your average DSLR) you can modify your little plastic camera however you please!
      I’ve heard some very excellent stuff about the Lomo LC-A+. Great 35mm camera. Recommended for starters.
      There are plenty of other cameras which you can find, again, at lomography.com
      All of the pictures above were taken from their online store.
      I’m really glad that you’re showing interest in film photography at a young age 🙂 Film, in my opinion, requires more practice than digital photography. Granted your first couple of rolls might be either severely over exposed, or underexposed, but with practice, you might be the next HCB!
      I have tried, and loved Hipstamatic, but nothing beats the real deal ;p! Also, check Instagram. I’m sure you’ll love it! And if you create an account there, let me know. I’d love to see the pictures you take, Russell. 🙂
      I’m more active on Twitter, so if you want, you can reach me there. I’ll be able to answer your questions instantly. 🙂
      Hope I was somewhat of a help to you, and happy holidays!

      • Davis Russell said:

        thanks a lot. and fyi my first name is Davis. lately i have been looking at the colorsplash and think that it could generate several art projects. Also i have one last question. I have recently been looking at tlr cameras and am wondering if there are any that are compatible with 35mm film. I like how they look but its to much effort and is too costly to use such large film that most tlr’s take.

        • TGWKE said:

          Haha I’m sorry! I have no idea how I got your name wrong. I blame it on the lack of caffeine.
          Actually, there is! I have a feeling you’re gonna love this camera. It’s called the Blackbird Fly, and it’s pretty much the only 35mm tlr camera I know. http://blackbirdflycamera.com/

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