Experiment 03: The Mondrian Mask

How it all started:

My sources of inspiration

How it was done:

click on the picture to enlarge.

How it turned out:

Absolutely amazing!

Camera: Holga CFN 120
Film: Fuji Pro 400H

  1. sasa said:

    this is cool. uber cool! ^^

  2. Farah said:

    hi, i love your photos they’re amazing! i am also really interested in lomography, and i just started developing. i would love to hear your opinion, and maybe some advice!


    • Thank you so much, Farah!
      You too have some amazing photos ❤ Specially the ones with the guard, love them!
      My only advice would be, never be afraid to experiment with new techniques & methods, and always remember that photography is all about thinking outside the box.
      Once again, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. teagirl said:

    I wish I had thought about that when I was doing the Holga assignment back at school. All I got from my Holga were light leaks and fuzzzzz.. Very interesting idea 🙂

    • Thanks you so much!
      I wish I’d get light leaks with my Holga. I don’t tape the the back cover, sometimes load the film in bright light and still get nothing 😦

  4. msha3erha said:

    Super amazing girl 😀 I loved it
    One question though: Can you control the colors ?
    Red ans blue are so nice but is there any chance to color it differently?

    • Awal shay thank you so much for your continued support to my blog ❤
      About the colors, it depend on the design you print on the transparency (OHP paper). The mask is like a stamp, the same design will be on each and every frame (picture) in the film.
      Inshalla I will post the complete series once I figure out this problem I've been having with submitting pictures online. The colors y3tafson bs I upload them to the web 😦

  5. Moos said:

    Good stuff senorita 😉

  6. Hope said:

    lovely outcome
    keep it up

  7. Skyward Like veils in the air On a slow motion wind Amorphous apparitions Abstract emotion White chameleons Moving quickly To get there slowly Their changing moods And colors Innocence to evil…

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