Hajj: A Journey Through a Plastic Lens -Part 1-

A series of pictures I took in Hajj this year.

Camera: Holga CFN 120.
Film: Kodak E100G EKtachrome . (Expired since 10/2008)
Film was cross-processed and scanned with Canoscan 8800F.
  1. LuLu said:

    7aj mabroor w sa3ee mashkoor w thanb ma’3foor 😀

    this is just beautiful.. and I love the colors 😉

    • TGWKE said:

      Thanks Lulu! I’m glad you did, my friend.

  2. F A said:

    amaazing! i love the first two pictures, wow! You’re extremely talented mashallah!

    – f

    • TGWKE said:

      Long time no see, F!
      Thank you so much, my fellow Lomographer. 😉

  3. Thexpat said:

    Great photo..loved all, and the most is 2,12,13..and 1 too.

    • TGWKE said:

      Thanks dear!
      2 was taken in Safa w Almarwa. It’s also my favorite too!

  4. moayad said:

    This is truly and utterly beautiful!

    I would love to see them printed, and I hope you have more 🙂

    Well done, and taqabbal Allah.

    • TGWKE said:

      Thank you so much, Moayad!
      Funny, ever since I took up photography, I’ve never actually printed any of my pictures. Perhaps I’ll get a printer soon. 😀

  5. I’ve been waiting for that post. Well done Nada for those artistically composed pictures of Ka’aba.

    • TGWKE said:

      Thank you so much Athoob!
      Pictures like these with overlapped exposure are what I call happy accidents.

  6. Amazing!
    Mashallah Nada your talent keep surprises me day after day ;D

    tqabbal Allah …

    • TGWKE said:

      Thank you so much dear! I’m honored.

  7. Eman said:

    nadoy aawesome pics my friend !
    waiting for the 2nd part
    keep up the gd work 😉

    • TGWKE said:

      Thank you, Eman.
      I’ll try and post them soon, and by soon I mean at least before 2011! .. or if the procrastination gods let me lol!

  8. Sami said:

    I would like to thank you for these lovely photos of Haj and Mecca from a different perspective.. I really enjoyed them.
    I’ll be eagerly waiting for more 🙂

    • TGWKE said:

      And I’d like to thank you for stopping by!

  9. Wrdat said:

    3jeebeeeeen el 9waaaar (Y) mshalah ;*

  10. Shaima said:

    This is just amazing i LOVE them mashallah..

    • TGWKE said:

      Thank you, Shaima. Yours too are amazing.
      I’m tempted to get the wide angle lomo!

  11. Gray said:

    WAW! really great Im totally in love unique photos because its HOLGA!
    really proud of you :)))

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