1. Anonymous said:

    Hello, excuse me I’ll be a pain in the ass so please be patient..
    I’m considering to get a holga since I really love lomo photography
    the things I heard ena they don’t develop 35mm films here in Kuwait I asked so many stores wayed galouli we don’t develop 35mm. u said eb twitter 3adee ay mukan, where exactly?
    + ybee3on 35mm film in kuwait wala I have to order online?
    and what is the best film brand..
    that’s all
    thank you thank you thank you in advance ❤

  2. Aida alzanki said:

    Hello hope your doing great, I have a question I’m already a DSLR photographer but I’m tending to try the analogue so I’m really not familiar from where to start or what a camera to choose could u segust for me what a camera should I buy also what kind of film and what I’m interest is street photography and portrait.

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